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infoMotion develop interactive and multimedia creations for effective business use. We create potent tools for marketing, promoting and training that make use of the worlds smallest and fastest multimedia engine. That's why our solutions often fit on a single diskette, always start instantly and run with ease on even low-end Windows systems. Which really means that your message reliably reaches the widest possible audience without fuss.

The following lists some of the products that we custom to a clients need...

bullet Multimedia Presentations
Standardise and maximise your sales pitch cost effectively
bullet Computer Based Training
Achieve interactive on-demand consistent training and enable students to manage their own advancement
bullet Functional Screensavers
Reach, inform and entertain your future, present and past clients at little cost - repeatedly
bullet Digital Catalogues & Brochures
Rising print costs and a need to constantly update, make digitised catalogues or brochures a sensible reality
bullet Rolling Demos & Presentations
Showcase your company in your reception area, at trade shows and at points of sale
bullet Web Presence
Show your company to the world from a site designed for clarity, speed and effectiveness.
Sample websites...
Anchor Players Dramatic Society
Cape Town Holiday Accommodation
Dramatic Solutions – Refreshing and Developing Your Team
Headstart Mercy Montessori – Education & Training Centre
SAMA – Southern Africa Montessori Association
Selway Robson – Harpsichord and Pipe Organ Builder
Team Building with Fun Theatre

To make YOUR point - contact us
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Based in Cape Town we are able - due to the nature of our work - to operate virtually anywhere. So no matter where you are, make contact and we'll point your business in the right direction.
Using the WWW we can deliver finished product quickly and cost effectively worldwide at rates that will surprise you.

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