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infoMotion specialise in creating Windows screensavers that are not only fun but functional.
Our custom made screensavers are ideal marketing tools that not only make novel give-aways, but also draw attention at trade show stands and attract visitors to web sites. They are also low in cost and often copied by users - at no expense to the originator!

bloomer Bloomers. Find 'screen peace' and watch your display come to life with an endless supply of constantly changing floral arrangements. This functional screensaver is a Time/Day/Dater with real Flower Power. It does not require water and will thrive on neglect.
Download bloomers.exe (297 Kb)

beads 2000 Beads. Traditional African beads meet hi-tech functionality in a screensaver that combines the current time, date and the number of days from 1 January 2000. (Will give an accurate count right up until mid April 2027!)
Download y2kbeads.exe (860 Kb)

fish n fowl Fish 'n Fowl. This screensaver, inspired by the work of M C Escher, employs animated tesselation. It constantly updates the time displayed by its restless clock. Now with 12 or 24 hr display modes.
Download fisnfowl.exe (325 Kb)

cricket World Cricket 99 Souvenir. Another innings for this interactive screensaver that lists the fixtures and results for World Cricket 99. 60 action cricket balls keep you on time in a 12 or 24 hr clock mode!
Download crickt99.exe (411 Kb)

bubbles Bubbles. Designed for 16 color displays - but looks just as good in 16 million. Animated time, date and the number of days since 1 Jan 2000 (4 digit readout now makes it good until 2027). Now with 12 or 24 hr display.
Download bubbles.exe (336 Kb)

dpga Digital Publishing & Graphic Association. This remarkable screensaver keeps its various functions smartly enclosed in a digital paint box. Days in the millenium now displayed in 4 digits.
Download dpga.exe (870 Kb)

rugby 99 Rugby World Cup 99 Souvenir. Rugby fans are not to pass this interactive screensaver that gives all the fixtures and all the results - all on demand - all the time.
Download rugby99.exe (458 Kb)

efish eRazor Fish. Another tribute to M C Escher featuring shoals of fish that keep the time, show the day and date, and track the fishing days left to Xmas.
Download efish.exe (367 Kb)

be2 waltz BE2c Aerial Ballet. Flying in formation, two BE2c biplanes of World War 1 fame, waltz the sky to the tune of "The Blue Danube". Bursts of AA fire flash up the time in either 12 or 24 hr mode. Speed settings included.
Download be2waltz.exe (646 Kb)

fotozone "...the fairest Cape in all the World". Outstanding photographs from Fotozone Africa show it's as true today, as when Sir Francis Drake wrote of it in 1580. Displays 12 or 24 hr time, day and date.
Download fotozone.exe (963 Kb).

new Big 'n Bold. There's big screenfuls of bright, bold and colourful action in this novel 'techno' screensaver. It's an endlessly busy reminder of the current day, date and time. Choice of 12 or 24 hr clock modes.
Download bignbold.exe (345 Kb).

Admin Blues. Life shouldn't be all work, so if your office is in need of a good laugh, take time to download this animated desktop comedy. Unlike the other downloads on this page, this is not a screensaver.
Download oskills.exe (435 Kb).

LottoLuck - a fun Lotto number selector. Put in your favourite number, drop unlucky ones or just let LottoLuck randomly choose for you. Not a screensaver – just a lot 'o fun!
Download lottoluc.exe (401 Kb).

Increase Your Website Traffic and make your organisation visible to an audience that will remember you day after day.  Contact us - in confidence and without obligation - and learn how a custom interactive screensaver can work for you.
Screensavers successfully downloaded from this page up until 30 April 2004  =  77906
Total number of site visitors (not hits) up until the same above date  =  142570

Note: The length of time to make any download will depend on several factors. The main ones are - the current volume of web activity, the speed of your connection and the file size of the download. Our largest download could take 15 to 20 minutes, so patience will be required. If however you are finding it impossible to obtain a successful download, eMail us at Let us know the file(s) of your choice and we will eMail same within 24 hours.

The installing of a screensaver is a simple three stage process.
The stages - download, un-zip and activate - are slightly different
between WIN3.1/3.11 and WIN95/98.
install in 95

If you are a WINNT user, one of the two above
procedures will suit your system depending on which shell you have.
Be aware that the Windows directory may be called WINNTxx.

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